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Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo Venus Apollo
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Venus Vaporizer Apollo - Portable vaporizer !

Venus Vaporizer Apollo is a unique vaporizer combining first time a high quality halogen vaporization technology with a pocket sized design.

It can be carried with you anywhere you go, but this time small size doesn't mean compromises.

The quality, effect and quantity of vapor is top notch and well comparable to units of much bigger size. As a matter of fact, thanks to the improvements in technology, Apollo is the most powerful of our units. 

Runtime per charge has also been improved, and as the batteries can be quickly swapped, it offers practically unlimited capacity while travelling and you never need to wait for a recharge if you have multiple pairs of batteries.

It is easy to use right out of the box, and same time has market leading feature set for personal adjustments.

Apollo has many great features, below some of them:

  • High quality materials

​-  the frame is machined from one solid piece of carefully chosen oak wood. The lighter coloured central part is made of birch wood.
- End panels are thick solid feeling anodized aluminum
- All other metal parts from herbal chambers to screws are high quality stainless steel
- The tube for vapor flow is made of Quarz glass
- Safety and health has been the main design aspect. No extra chemicals, glues or plastics used. Surface finish natural beeswax.

  • Third generation halogen heating element

- Halogen technology offers clean  vapors with unique power and vapor density.

- Smart technology taking advantage of the vacuum created by the user inhalation to create multiple fast moving airstreams within the heating element improves the heat transfer and efficiency of battery energy use once again from our already powerful 2nd generation heating element.

  • Herbal chamber with a good capacity

- High quality herbal chamber made of stainless steel, equipped with a removable cap and meshes.
- capacity approximately 0.3g of dry herb.
- very easy to remove and clean when necessary
- You can order extra herb chambers 

  •  Touch sense control: 

- Very robust without any mechanical wearable parts. 
- Design can be completely smooth and ideal for carrying with you
- Offers an easy way to control all the features of the Apollo with easy finger gestures. 
- Haptic vibration feedback improves the user experience 

  • High capacity replaceable batteries

- Battery capacity per charge is very good offering many many vaporization sessions
- Can be changed in a couple of seconds, just open the battery cap on top of the vape
- With a extra pair of batteries, you can have always charge without a need to wait for recharge
- Lifetime of batteries doesn't determine the lifetime of the Apollo, you can easily change new batteries yourself anytime, and the stardard sized batteries are easy to find.
- High quality external charger included, with options for fast and slow charge

  • Stealth -features

- Both the signal lights and the haptic vibration features can be turned on and off independetly
- If you want full silent operation, just turn off haptic vibrations
- When you don't want extra attention in darkness, just turn off the signal lights

  • Adjustable BOOST

- Vaporizer offers immediate extra power when you just lower your fingers on its surface and that way activate the boost
- You can adjust the boost power and save the setting as many times as you wish, options are low, standard and high boost.

  • 10-step power level adjustment with 2 custom power mapping options

- Thanks to wide range of different power levels to be chosen, Apollo offers the widest temperature range on the market
- 2 alternative power map options to get more finer adjustment for specially chosen herbs.
- Very easy to adjust power, anytime just swipe up or down the touch area and the Apollo will inform you of the chosen power level with both flashing the lights and giving vibration signal as many times as the chosen power level.

  • Warm up fully adjustable with 2 extra settings

- in addition to the default warm up setting, you can save 2 different ones to the memory of Apollo, and each time you start a vaping session, you have the opportunity to choose the alternative setting with just one push of a button.
- Very beneficial feature, if you wish to vaporize different herbs or just have different kind of sessions, for example sometimes start with very thick "one hit wonders" and sometimes start easily enjoying the taste of terpenes. It is also a great way when trying to find the ideal settings - you can save your new one first to one of the alternative settings, and when you are sure you like it most, just make it the default.

  • Vapor light

- Enjoy the visual aspect of vaporization with the vapor shown clearly inside the glass tube.

  • Manufactured in Finland


recommended and tested types include:

Efest 3100mAh 18650 Li-Mn batteries button top
Keeppower 3200mAh IMR NH1832 Button top "high drain"
Sony VTC5 18650 2700mAh button top

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