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Helios Vaporizer Helios Vaporizer Helios Vaporizer Helios Vaporizer Helios Vaporizer
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- High quality herbal vaporizer 

  • Helios is equipped with our latest 3rd generation halogen heating technology
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable Boost level: Helios has fully adjustable level of extra boosting, enabling the user to find just the perfect settings for individual needs.
  • Vapor light: Helios is equipped with a strong LED light under the glass dome, which makes the vapor visible in a beautiful way creating a visually stunning effect, as soon as the vaporizer is warmed up.
  • Attention to details: When the Helios is warming up, a fascinating glow of deep red light advances along its silicone tubing, designed to create relaxing effect by imitating the rhythm of a peaceful breathing.
  • Stealth - mode: All signal lights can be switched off if wished.
  • High power: Helios is the most powerful vaporizer to date manufactured by us. The nominal power level compared to the Venus and Apollo is 250%. This leads to a very quick warm up.
  • SuperBoost -  special setting to enable double amount of boost power
  • HerbSense -technology: The taste of vapor will stay better than before also during longer sessions even if you leave the vaporizer stay for a longer time between draws.


We've been continuously working on research and development since the release of the original Venus Vaporizer in 2012. In Helios we have implemented things we've learned during the years and new features which we've found out to improve the vaporization experience.

For those familiar with the original Venus Vaporizer, here is a quick comparison list of the improvements in Helios:

- new  3rd Genearion Halogen Heating Technology. Maximum power 250% of Venus levels. Result is amazingly quick warm up, and our new SuperBoost-feature.
- More advanced internal microprocessor with 8 times more processing power. Thanks to that, Helios is a more refined vaporizer visually, control of heat level is more accurate, and the adjustment options give more possibilities.
- Boost power is fully adjustable and can be saved to the internal flash memory. This way you can have optimal boost level for your herbs and taste.
- SuperBoost
-feature gives never before seen levels of boost, more than double in comparison to original Venus.
- Vapor light is active continuously, not only during boosting. 
- Automatic turn off feature is much longer, turning the vape off only after 20 minutes of inactivity. Enjoy in a relaxing way.
- Advanced HerbSense heat control helps to keep the taste and quality of vapor at best levels even during longer sessions when the vaporizer might sit idle long periods between draws. 

- Stealth -mode for turning off extra lights for extra privacy

Helios Vaporizer is a powerful high quality herbal vaporizer. It has been manufactured from quality materials as the health aspects and longetivity of our products are our main design principles. The frame of Helios is made of a single piece of oak in Finnish Lapland by an experienced carpenter. The assembly of Helios is done in our factory in Helsinki. The heating technology used is our own halogen heating technology which has already advanced to its 3rd generation. Thanks to this technology, vapor is very tasty when compared to more common technologies in vaporizers.

The glass dome on top of the vaporizer enables the user to see the vapor visually during the sessions. This way it improves the athmosphere considerably. The turbulent vapor inside the glass dome cools down nicely which also improves the vaporization experience.

Helios has a Boost function. It means that anytime during a sessions, you can just press the boost and the vaporizer will use a higher power level, and the vapor will become stronger. You can adjust the boost level to your own choice if you wish.

SuperBoost feature offers a massive boost power, over 2 times more than any other vaporizer in our product line. This gives many opportunities for an experienced used. But please be careful with the SuperBoost, with a great power comes a great responsibility.

In front, back and on top of the vape are panels made of brushed stainless steel. they are durable and are easy to keep clean. 


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