How does it work?

1. Fill the herb chamber and place it on top of the heating element.
2. Place the glass top on top of the vaporizer.
3. Press the Boost button once. A Flashing light indicates when the vaporizer is ready and warm.
4. Hold the Boost button and inhale from the silicone tubing. A white lamp inside the glass top illuminates the flowing vapor. Enjoy the vapor.
5. When you wish to end the session, press boost 3 times and Venus will shut down.

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Pressing boost gives you instant maximum power and illuminates the glass top. The result is solid strong vapors beautifully visible without any burning. With Venus Vaporizer there is no need to inhale slowly as is the case with many other portable vaporizers. It delivers when you need it. Just press Boost.

Compact size:

Venus Vaporizer fits in the hand and is easy to carry around when travelling or even at home while in use. With Venus there is no need to stay in the same place. While being compact it is big enough to have great usability and ease of use. The frame is very solid and you can feel the quality.

Quick charging

Fully charging Venus takes less than 60 minutes.The supplied charger is compact and equipped with a changeable mains cord to make it compatible anywhere in the world. the charger comes with a long cord of 3.4 meters and our vaporizer is also fully usable during recharge.

Halogen Heating element

Power and safety are in a class of their own with our custom designed halogen heating element. The only glowing hot component is the glass-encased bulb. The air and vapors you inhale never touch any glowing hot parts. The durability is good - the only component that wears in use is an easily replaceable bulb, easily available around the world.

The quality of vapors is wonderful. The vaporization technology used is convection + IR. This combination yields exceptionally efficient and even vaporization result through the herb chamber.

Glass top

By changing the glass top you can easily give a new look to Venus Vaporizer. But the main function of the glass top is to filter out small particles during vaporizing. These particles are always present with herbal vaporizers and the glass top reduces them to a fraction of the levels normally present with vaporizers. The internally lit Glass top enhances the vaping experience and makes it much more fun as you can see the quality of flowing vapors.

Herb Chamber

Our herb chambers are machined from Stainless steel. Their capacity is good and they are easy to keep clean. place the herbal material inside, place the cap on top and you are ready to go. As the herb chamber is a removable part it is easy to clean when necessary. You can order as many herb chambers as you wish.

Technical specifications

  • Frame: 100% Oak hard wood, finishing natural beewax oil
  • Metal panels: Stainless steel, durable laser marked printing
  • Glass top: thick and strong glass, colored glasses have an epoxy layered color on the outside surface. Vapors inside have contact only with pure glass.
  • Controllers: machined aluminum
  • Tubing: Medical grade FDA approved silicone
  • Battery: Internal LiFePo4 rechargeable battery. Expected life 10+ years. Fully usable during recharge.
  • Mains charger: 110-240V input, 7.5V 4A output. Total length of cords 3.4 meters. Recharge time <60 minutes.
  • Herb chamber + cap: Stainless steel with stainless steel screen
  • Heating element: Stainless steel case, ceramic base, halogen bulb, stainless steel screen.
  • Glass top light: White super bright LED, 15 degree lens
  • Vapor filtering: stainless steel screen, centrifugal force as a product of turbulence inside the glass
  • Power adjustment: Stepless power dial wheel 0-100%, automatic preheating period - user adjustable.


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